Organized Lunacy Is Now Archived

It has been my honor to have encouraged you through Organized Lunacy. This site is now an archive of all articles published during its tenure.

And if you wish to follow me on my new adventure and get notifications on when my first book (a 365-day devotional) will come out, simply visit my new website.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ bless your heart.

Keep the Jesus Swagger,

Maine Belonio


Is Your Relationship Really Over?

Love is tricky. There will always be moments when you question your feelings for your partner. You may even question whether that partner truly loves you. But when those feelings occur frequently, you may be reaching a point when the relationship is no longer working. There are many couples who face these troublesome patches. Some amicably agree to go their separate ways. Others vow to work harder, try harder, and get some help to repair their relationship. Continue reading “Is Your Relationship Really Over?”

Planning to Adopt: Common Fears and What to Expect

Planning a family can be an exciting and rewarding time in your life. It can also feel quite daunting. Raising any family brings challenges. But there are some that are specific to adoption and that process. Many prospective parents have concerns and you are certainly not alone in this. Continue reading “Planning to Adopt: Common Fears and What to Expect”

When You’re Single And Waiting: 4 Truths To Remember And 4 Scriptures To Live By

Being single is not a disease. Being in the wrong relationship is.  Continue reading “When You’re Single And Waiting: 4 Truths To Remember And 4 Scriptures To Live By”

Recovering From Domestic Violence Through God’s Help

Domestic violence is one of the scariest experiences a person can be subjected to. It’s never a joke and you need more than an indomitable will and a resilient spirit to recover from the unspeakable damage it can cause you. Continue reading “Recovering From Domestic Violence Through God’s Help”

We Can Take Heart

Taking heart in a world full of trials and sufferings is one of the toughest decisions you can make each day. It’s not going to be easy but with Jesus Christ, it’s a done deal.
Continue reading “We Can Take Heart”

Holding On To Hope, Taking Courage Again

They say daring to hope is one of the most stupid (and crazy) things you can do in life. I beg to disagree. Continue reading “Holding On To Hope, Taking Courage Again”